New Era Transportation Inc is a professional and fully ADA Compliant non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company and an online platform for non-emergency medical transport service providers and individual drivers. We provide respectable, safe, immaculate and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation services for our clients, which includes, individual families, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We operate between the hours of 6am-6pm Monday through Sunday, including holidays. We are willing to extend hours when necessary.

PayPal, cash, check, credit/debit card. We will also accept Zelle and the cash app.

Yes. Please provide that information of the pre-trip Questionaire.

We charge a $25 pick up each way, as well as a $3.50 per mile rate for round trips. We also charge a 25% cancellation fee , for trips that are cancelled within 24hrs of the trip.

For a fee of $20, we can provide a standard size wheelchair.

When the driver has to wait for more than 30 minutes past the time that you indicated on the pre-trip Questionaire. The additional charge will be 25% of the fare charge.

We charge a 25% cancellation fee, for trips that are canceled within 24hrs of the trip.

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