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New Era Transportation Inc is a professional and fully ADA Compliant non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company and an online platform for non-emergency medical transport service providers and individual drivers. We provide respectable, safe, immaculate and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation services for our clients, which includes, individual families, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

New Era Transportation Inc, was established by two healthcare professionals with the idea of providing secure, economical and caring transportation services to the elderly, healthcare facilities and hospitals etc., while providing employment to attentive and dependable drivers. Our staff are highly competent and hold certification in first aid, CPR, and safety. Our transportation vehicles are air-conditioned, reliable, well maintained, and service-checked regularly. And all of our vehicles exceed local and state requirements in order to provide the highest quality transportation services for our clients.

Headquartered in the Chicagoland Area, IL., New Era Transportation Inc is one of the fastest growing NEMT services that focus on safety and cost-effectiveness, and we’re committed to this need in the local healthcare industry. With this commitment in mind, New Era Transportation Inc has rapidly grown to become the company of choice in Chicagoland Area for non-emergency medical transportation services.

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